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Mumbai Police to Bolster Salman Khan’s Security Following Open Death Threats by Gangster Goldy Brar

The Bhaijaan of Bollywood and the superstar actor Salman Khan is back in the news and this time for his security. His security has been beefed up following death threats from gangster Goldy Brar. Brar, who is currently on the run, made the threats in a recent interview. He said that Khan is on his “kill list” and that he will continue to try to kill him as long as he is alive.

The Mumbai Police is taking the threats seriously and is investigating the matter. They have also increased security at Khan’s residence in Bandra. Khan currently has Y-level security, which means that he is always accompanied by a team of guards. He has also reportedly purchased a new bullet-proof car with B6 or B7 level of security.

Brar’s threats are not the first time that Khan has been targeted by gangsters. In 2015, he was shot at by an unidentified assailant outside his residence. The attack was later linked to gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently in jail.

Brar’s threats have raised concerns about Khan’s safety. However, the actor has said that he is not afraid and that he will not let the threats deter him from living his life. He has also urged his fans to remain calm and not to panic.

The police are continuing to investigate the threats and are working to ensure Khan’s safety. They have also appealed to the public to come forward with any information that they may have about the threats.

In addition to the police investigation, Khan has also taken some personal measures to increase his security. He has reportedly hired a new team of bodyguards and has installed security cameras around his residence. He has also been advised to avoid public places and to travel with a larger security detail.

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