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Kalki Koechlin on World Poetry Day: Describes Writing Poetry as Therapeutic

Kalki Koechlin’s journey with poetry began at a young age, although she can’t exactly recall when it all started. For her, writing poetry has become a way of life, allowing her to connect with her emotions and address them.

On World Poetry Day, Kalki opens up about her experience of finding the right words to express her feelings. She shares, “I don’t remember the exact beginning. I was very young when I started writing poems, and the only reason I know about it is because my mom kept all of it. I wrote about butterflies and other things that a child would write at the age of six.”

As a child, Kalki’s inclination towards poetry grew as she delved into books gifted to her by her mother. Reading poetry nurtured her passion for the craft, leading her to spend time writing her own poems.

Now, with her own daughter Sappho, Kalki reflects on whether her child is following in her footsteps. She notes, “I’m not consciously encouraging it. Sappho is interested in drawing and expressing her emotions through art. While she hasn’t started writing poetry yet, she has an introduction to storytelling.”

For Kalki, writing poetry has become a therapeutic practice, allowing her to articulate her deepest emotions. She explains, “It’s like therapy for me. Writing poems helps me peel back the layers and connect with my innermost feelings. Sometimes, we experience certain emotions like anger, sadness, or anxiety, but we may not fully understand the reasons behind them. Through poetry, I feel like I am gradually discovering and examining my true emotions.”

When it comes to the topics that inspire her poetry, Kalki draws inspiration from her personal struggles and the world around her. Motherhood, in particular, has had a profound impact on her writing. She describes it as a transformative experience, and the challenges and changes she faces as a mother inspire her words. Additionally, the changes that come with turning 40 and the ways in which women perceive the world serve as further inspiration for her poetry.

As for publishing her work, Kalki reveals that people have expressed interest in seeing her poems in print. However, she believes there is still more to explore and refine in her craft. She is currently working on her poetry and feels that at some point, when she believes her poems are worthy, she may publish a collection.

In the end, Kalki’s deep connection with poetry remains a powerful force in her life, allowing her to express herself and explore the depths of her emotions.

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan
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