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Vicky Kaushal: Is He going to divorce Katrina Kaif?

Don’t believe the headlines, its nothing like that but a question which was posed in a movie promotion event of Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan known as Zara Hatke, Zara Bachke, a quirky movie.  Love stories in the realm of Bollywood often capture the imagination of fans, and the union of actors Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif has been no exception. After tying the knot on December 9, 2021, in Rajasthan, the couple has been a subject of great interest and curiosity. Recently, Vicky Kaushal responded to a question about his married life with Katrina, expressing his deep affection and commitment in a charming and poetic manner that left fans in awe.

During the  promotion event, Vicky Kaushal was asked about his married life with Katrina Kaif, and his response was nothing short of heartwarming. He stated, “Janmo Janmo Tak!” which translates to “For many lifetimes!” in English, suggesting that their love and bond transcended the boundaries of this lifetime. This poetic response beautifully conveyed his eternal commitment and devotion to his wife.

A Completely Sorted Married Life: Vicky Kaushal went on to describe his married life with Katrina as “completely sorted.” This phrase indicated that their relationship was characterized by harmony, understanding, and a sense of tranquility. It suggested that the couple had found a deep level of compatibility and had established a strong foundation for their partnership.

The couple seems to be balancing Real and Reel Life. The actor further shared an intriguing perspective on the balance between his real and reel life. He stated that while there might be chaos and complexity in his on-screen roles, his real life with Katrina remained harmonious and well-organized. Vicky expressed his belief that life maintains a natural balance, ensuring that while his professional life may be filled with twists and turns, his personal life with Katrina would always be a source of stability and serenity.

A Smart Answer to a Tricky Question. Vicky Kaushal’s response to the question showcased his wit and eloquence. By using the phrase “Janmo Janmo Tak!” he eloquently expressed his enduring commitment to Katrina. His poetic choice of words resonated with fans and added a touch of romance to the interview. His mention of a balanced life and the contrasting nature of his real and reel life demonstrated his ability to navigate the complexities of his career while keeping his personal life grounded.

Fans React: Vicky Kaushal’s answer to the question about his married life received immense praise from fans and admirers. Social media platforms were abuzz with reactions, with many expressing their admiration for the couple and their sincere wishes for their everlasting happiness. Fans found Vicky’s response endearing and poetic, appreciating his heartfelt expression of love and dedication to Katrina.


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