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The Kerala Story: How Adah Sharma Responded to people calling her film to be a ‘Propaganda’ movie

Adah Sharma, the talented Bollywood actress, recently hit back at people who have been criticizing her latest film, “The Kerala Story,” as a “propaganda” film. In a recent interview, Adah spoke out against those who have been attacking the movie, pointing out the real-life situations that inspired the film.

She said that while she understands the concerns of some people, the movie is based on true events, and the filmmakers have done their best to tell a powerful and emotional story about the harsh realities that women in some parts of India face. Adah emphasized that the film does not promote any propaganda but instead serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of extremism and radicalization.

Adah’s comments were particularly poignant given the subject matter of the film. “The Kerala Story” tells the story of a young woman who is radicalized by ISIS and then travels to Syria to become a bride for one of their fighters. The film depicts the journey of the protagonist as she comes to understand the brutal reality of life in ISIS-controlled territory, including the violence and oppression that women face.

While some critics have claimed that the film is a work of propaganda, Adah pointed out that the events depicted in the film are based on real-life incidents. She asked people to look up two simple words on Google – “ISIS” and “brides” – to see for themselves the extent of the problem that the film is trying to address.

The reality is that many young women in India and other countries are being lured into the clutches of extremist groups like ISIS, who offer them a false sense of purpose and belonging. These women are often promised marriage to fighters, but the reality is far from the fairy tale that they are sold. Instead, they are subjected to abuse, rape, and even death.

“The Kerala Story” is an important film that shines a light on this issue and raises awareness about the dangers of extremism. Adah’s comments remind us that this is not a work of fiction, but a stark portrayal of the harsh realities that many women face in today’s world.

Furthermore, the film also highlights the role that social media and online propaganda can play in radicalizing young people. The protagonist in the film is initially drawn to ISIS through her online interactions with a man who she believes is a sympathetic supporter of her cause. However, as the story unfolds, she comes to realize that he is actually an ISIS recruiter who is using her for his own purposes.

Adah’s comments are a timely reminder of the need for vigilance when it comes to online propaganda and radicalization. It is important for all of us to be aware of the messages that we are consuming online and to be vigilant about the sources of those messages. By doing so, we can help to prevent the spread of extremism and protect vulnerable young people from falling into the trap of radicalization.

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