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OMG: Uorfi Javed Comes with a Realistic B**b Painted Dress, Gets Brutally Trolled

Uorfi Javed, a popular model and influencer, recently made waves on the internet with her latest series of photos on Instagram. One of these included the Tee with a realistic breast painted dress. The pictures, which were shared on social media, quickly went viral, with many netizens expressing their admiration for the bold and creative fashion statement.

The dress, which appeared to be made of a realistic painted image under the underwear organ of the top. It was designed to look like a woman’s naked torso, complete with detailed breasts, nipples, and cleavage. Javed paired the daring outfit with bold makeup and accessories, creating a striking and memorable look. Well, if you are yet to catch the post, have a look at as under which she posted on her Instagram handle: 


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However, not everyone was a fan of the outfit, and Javed quickly found herself at the center of a social media storm. Many netizens criticized her for promoting a hyper-sexualized image of women, while others accused her of using shock tactics to gain attention and followers.

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Some of the comments were outright abusive, with several users resorting to sexist and derogatory language to express their disapproval. Others used humor to poke fun at the outfit, with memes and parodies flooding social media.

Despite the backlash, Javed remained unapologetic, and is yet to comment on the dresses she keeps on wearing and sharing on Instagram. She calls her dress giving her artistic expression. She pointed out earlier that many male artists had used nudity and provocative imagery in their work without facing similar criticism, and argued that women should be free to explore their bodies and sexuality without fear of judgment or harassment.

Javed’s comment had sparked a wider debate earlier about the role of women in the fashion industry and the broader issue of body shaming and objectification. Many supporters praised her for challenging conventional norms and breaking down barriers, while others argued that her approach was counterproductive and played into harmful stereotypes.

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The controversy surrounding Javed’s dress highlights the complex and often contentious nature of social media and the internet as a whole. While it provides a platform for creative expression and social activism, it is also a space where trolls and online abuse thrive, and where people are often judged based on their appearance rather than their ideas or accomplishments.

As such, it is important for individuals to use social media responsibly, to speak out against hate and discrimination, and to challenge harmful stereotypes and attitudes. Only then can we hope to create a more inclusive and respectful online community that celebrates diversity and creativity. She has 4.1 Million subscribers on her Insta handle and she allows everyone to notice the same. 

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