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OMG: Nia Sharma’s bodysuit post makes netizens call her the Urfi fan

Nia Sharma, the popular Indian television actress, has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. The actress, known for her bold and edgy style, was brutally trolled on social media for wearing a mesh net bodysuit. Netizens accused her of copying Urfi Javed’s style and criticized her for being too revealing. You can check her post, which made the netizens troll her:


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The actress had shared a picture on her Instagram account wearing a black mesh net bodysuit, paired with black shorts and high heels. While the actress received some positive comments, the majority of the feedback was negative, with many people criticizing her for the bold outfit.

The comments section of Nia Sharma’s post was flooded with negative remarks, with many users accusing her of copying Urfi Javed’s style. Urfi Javed is another Indian television actress who is known for her bold and daring fashion choices.

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Netizens criticized Nia Sharma for being too revealing and accused her of setting a bad example for young girls. Many users commented that the outfit was too vulgar and that the actress should have been more careful about what she wears, given her status as a public figure.

One user wrote, “Urfi ki aatma aa gayi is mein,” which translates to “Urfi’s soul has entered this outfit.” Another user commented, “Is this what women empowerment means? Shameful.” Some users even went so far as to call for a ban on the actress and her outfits.

While Nia Sharma has not responded to the trolling directly, she has continued to post pictures of herself in bold and daring outfits, indicating that she will not be swayed by the negative feedback. The actress has always been known for her unconventional and daring fashion choices and has never shied away from expressing herself through her clothing.

It is unfortunate that in today’s society, women are often judged and criticized for what they wear, particularly when it comes to bold and daring outfits. The negative comments directed towards Nia Sharma are a reminder of the double standards that exist in society, where women are often criticized for expressing themselves in ways that men are not.

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Nia Sharma’s recent experience of being trolled for her bold outfit choice highlights the need for more acceptance and tolerance in society when it comes to fashion and personal expression. It is important to remember that everyone has the right to express themselves in ways that make them feel comfortable and confident, without fear of judgment or criticism. As a society, we must learn to celebrate diversity and embrace different styles and choices, rather than tearing each other down

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