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Nawazuddin Siddiqui & his estranged wife Aaliya Siddiqui’s Tussle Continues, Check her fresh allegations against the actor

Aaliya Siddiqui, the estranged wife of Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, has made fresh allegations against the actor and his family. In a recent open letter disclosed on the web with a small audio conversation with the actor, Aaliya claimed that Nawazuddin’s manager had hugged her minor daughter inappropriately, leading to a heated exchange between the two.

According to Aaliya, the incident occurred during a meeting between her and Nawazuddin’s male manager Aaliya claimed that the manager had hugged her daughter, who was then just nine years old and had hugged her several times, in a way that made her uncomfortable. When Aaliya confronted the manager about the incident, the two got into a heated argument, which Aaliya alleges was witnessed by Nawazuddin’s brother, Shamas Siddiqui.

Aaliya also claimed that Nawazuddin had refused to take action against the manager as he is irresponsible, even after she had brought the incident to his attention several times. According to Aaliya, Nawazuddin had told her that he could not believe that his manager would behave in such a manner, and had accused Aaliya of making false accusations.

This is not the first time that Aaliya has made allegations against Nawazuddin and his family. In 2020, Aaliya had filed for divorce from Nawazuddin, citing mental and physical harassment. In a series of interviews, Aaliya had accused Nawazuddin’s brother, Shamas Siddiqui, of harassing her and her family.

The latest allegations made by Aaliya have sparked outrage on social media, with many users expressing their support for her and calling for action to be taken against Nawazuddin and his family. The incident has once again highlighted the issue of harassment and abuse in the film industry, and the need for stronger measures to protect women and children from such behavior.

In response to Aaliya’s latest allegations, Nawazuddin’s team is yet to issue a statement about accepting or denying the allegations. Aaliya has been promoting her upcoming book, which is said to be a memoir of her life with Nawazuddin and her experiences in the film industry. The book is expected to reveal details about her relationship with Nawazuddin and the alleged harassment she faced at the hands of his family. Also, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is yet to open up on the fresh allegations coming against him from his estranged wife. 

It remains to be seen how the controversy will unfold, and whether any action will be taken against Nawazuddin or his manager. For now, Aaliya’s allegations have once again brought the issue of harassment in the film industry to the forefront, and it is up to the industry and society as a whole to ensure that such behavior is not tolerated. Stay tuned to know more about her and the actor only with us.

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