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KRK slams Vivek Agnihotri calling him the Most Frustrated Person and claiming The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story as propaganda films

Controversial film critic Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, has sparked a new controversy and this time its Vivek Agnihotri. He was seen calling the filmmaker the “most frustrated person in Bollywood”. In a recent tweet, KRK accused Agnihotri of making propaganda films, citing his upcoming projects “The Kashmir Files” and “The Kerala Story”.

“The Kashmir Files” is a film based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir Valley in 1990, while “The Kerala Story” is reportedly about the alleged love jihad incidents in the state. Agnihotri is known for making films with a nationalist and right-wing slant, including “The Tashkent Files”, which questioned the circumstances surrounding former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death.

KRK’s tweet came after Vivek slammed the Kamaal R Khan, you need to check what he wrote as under:

This all started when Vivek issued a letter discussing about his upcoming movie, have a look at it as  under:

Agnihotri has not responded to KRK’s comments, but his supporters have come out in his defense, citing his right to freedom of expression and the need for diverse voices in the film industry. Others have criticized KRK for his personal attacks and questionable credibility as a film critic.

This is not the first time that Agnihotri has been accused of making propaganda films. His critics have pointed out that his films often take a one-sided view of complex issues, and that they are more interested in pushing a political agenda than in telling a nuanced and engaging story.

Whatever the outcome, it is clear that Agnihotri’s films are likely to remain a lightning rod for political and social debates in India. As the country grapples with complex issues of identity, history, and social justice, filmmakers like Agnihotri are likely to continue pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in mainstream cinema. Whether they are hailed as bold voices of dissent or dismissed as propagandists, their films are sure to generate strong opinions and heated debates for years to come.

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