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Kangana Ranaut Faces Accusations of Hypocrisy After Referring to Herself as a ‘Young Woman’ at 36

Kangana Ranaut has frequently found herself embroiled in controversies due to the statements she makes, both on and off social media. The Queen actress has repeatedly made headlines for her direct criticisms of her contemporaries such as Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Taapsee Pannu, and filmmaker Karan Johar. Recently, she has been in the spotlight due to her romantic life. After refuting rumors about a mystery man in her life, she was recently linked to entrepreneur Nishant Pitti.

Following the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Mandir, the actress took to social media to share a couple of photos with Nishant. However, shortly thereafter, speculations about their relationship surfaced, only to be dismissed by Kangana. She took to her Insta story to share a screenshot of a news report suggesting that the two are dating. In response, she captioned the screenshot with a plea to the media to refrain from spreading misinformation, clarifying that Nishant Pitti is happily married and that she is involved with someone else.

Following the actress’s reaction to the dating rumors, netizens reacted for entirely different reasons when a Redditor labeled Kangana Ranaut a ‘hypocrite’ for referring to herself as a ‘young woman’ and labeling Ranbir Kapoor as a middle-aged man in an old interview when he was 37 years old. The Redditor juxtaposed Kangana’s previous statement with her current self-reference, highlighting what they perceived as hypocrisy.

In an old clip, Kangana Ranaut had remarked about Ranbir Kapoor, “What is this thing of calling them young? Ranbir Kapoor is 37 years old. He’s the young kid of the generation. My father was a middle-aged man at that time. Alia Bhatt just turned 27. My mother had 3 children at 27. What is young thing, “unko nahi pata woh bacche hain. Bacche hain ke dumb hain.” You can’t get away with this.”

On the professional front, after the underwhelming performance of Tejas at the box office, Kangana Ranaut has Emergency in the pipeline.

With regard to the discussions surrounding netizens calling Kangana Ranaut a ‘hypocrite,’ it has sparked diverse reactions. The juxtaposition of her past comments with her recent self-reference has prompted various opinions and discussions.

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