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Jiah Khan Suicide Case: What Led actor Sooraj Pancholi’s Acquittal?

Jiah Khan’s suicide case has finally come to an end. The actress was found dead in her Mumbai apartment in June 2013. Her suicide case has been in the news for several years now, and yesterday, her ex-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi was acquitted of charges of abetting her suicide. While this decision has been controversial, there are several factors that may have led to Pancholi’s acquittal.

Firstly, the prosecution’s case against Pancholi was based on circumstantial evidence. There was no direct evidence to prove that Pancholi had abetted Jiah Khan’s suicide. The prosecution relied on Jiah’s suicide note and Pancholi’s alleged behavior towards her in the days leading up to her death. However, the defense argued that the note was not conclusive evidence of suicide, and that Jiah’s mental state at the time of her death was uncertain.

Secondly, there were inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case. The police had initially filed a case of suicide against Jiah Khan, but her mother had alleged that Pancholi had a role to play in her death. The police then filed a case of abetment to suicide against Pancholi. However, during the trial, the prosecution’s case had several inconsistencies, and the defence was able to highlight these discrepancies.

Thirdly, the forensic evidence did not support the prosecution’s case. The forensic reports had indicated that Jiah had consumed alcohol and had taken medication before her death. The defense argued that these factors could have contributed to her decision to end her life. Additionally, the post-mortem report did not indicate any external injuries or signs of struggle, which suggested that Jiah had taken her own life.

Fourthly, there were several witnesses who testified in favor of Pancholi. Jiah’s friends and family members had testified that she was suffering from depression and had attempted suicide in the past. Additionally, Pancholi’s friends and family members had testified that he had no motive to harm Jiah, and that he had been supportive of her in the days leading up to her death.

Finally, there was no motive established for Pancholi to abet Jiah’s suicide. The prosecution had argued that Pancholi had broken up with Jiah and that this had led to her depression and eventual suicide. However, the defense had argued that there was no evidence to suggest that Pancholi had broken up with Jiah, and that there was no motive for him to abet her suicide.

The Jiah Khan suicide case has been a controversial one, and Sooraj Pancholi’s recent acquittal has raised several questions. While the decision has been criticized by many, there were several factors that may have led to Pancholi’s acquittal. The prosecution’s case was based on circumstantial evidence, and there were inconsistencies in their arguments. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us! 

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