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Jawan Boasts 106.64% Returns; while Kerala Tops List at the moment with a Remarkable 694.23% ROI

After a slump in the post-COVID era, 2023 has been a good year for Bollywood, with both big-budget and mid-budget films performing well at the Indian box office. Despite its high budget, Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan was a hit, and the small film The Kerala Story was a massive success.

We will examine the most profitable Bollywood films of 2023 so far at the Indian box office, focusing on films with returns of 100% or more. The list is topped by Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan, which revived Bollywood’s box office fortunes in a big way. When the industry was craving a comeback, SRK delivered a record-breaking blockbuster.

Pathaan, one of Shah Rukh Khan’s most expensive films, was reportedly budgeted at ₹250 crore. Despite its high budget, the film was a hit according to Koimoi’s parameters, earning ₹543.22 crore at the Indian box office. This resulted in a return on investment (ROI) of ₹293.22 crore (budget – collection), or 117.28% returns (ROI/budget * 100).

After Pathaan, The Kerala Story took over the list, with returns of 694.23% on a budget of ₹30 crore. It remains at the top of the list. Gadar 2, OMG 2, and Jawan have also joined the list, bringing the total number of Bollywood films with returns of 100% or more so far in 2023 to five.

Following is the list of top grossers of 2023: 

Movie     Cost (crores) Collection (crores) ROI (crores) ROI%

The Kerala Story 30 238.27 208.27 694.23%

Gadar 2 75 524.75 449.75 599.66%

OMG 2 65 150 85 130.76%

Pathaan 250 543.22 293.22 117.28%

Jawan 300 619.92 319.92 106.64%

Please note that all box office numbers are estimates from various sources and have not been independently verified. It were published on the popular site – Koimoi, who also have not verified. Stay tuned to know more about the movie only with us and if you have anything interesting to share, do let us know more about the movie only. 

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