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Is Celina Jaitley still dating Fardeen Khan? Check how she hits back the troll for this reason

Celina Jaitley, the former Miss India, and Bollywood actress, recently found herself in the midst of controversy after a troll accused her of having relationships with her co-stars Fardeen Khan and Feroz Khan. The actress, who is known for her outspoken nature, was quick to hit back at the troll and set the record straight.

The controversy began when a Twitter user called Umair Sandhu who calls himself as the biggest critic commented on one of Celina’s posts, accusing her of having relationships with Fardeen Khan and Feroz Khan, two of her former co-stars. The user also made derogatory comments about the actress’s character and questioned her morality.

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Celina, who is known for her sharp wit and quick comebacks, was not one to take the comments lying down. She responded with a scathing tweet, calling out the troll and defending her reputation. She even tagged the Twitter team complaining about the user who seemed to be commenting about her in an unsavoury manner. Check her tweets where she hit the troll and even shared her views to the Twitter team complaining about the same.

The response from Celina was widely praised by her fans and followers, who commended her for standing up for herself and not letting the troll get the better of her. Many people also expressed their disgust at the troll’s comments and called for an end to online harassment and abuse.

The incident once again highlights the issue of online trolling and the need for greater awareness about the impact of such behavior. Online harassment and abuse are becoming increasingly common, and can have serious consequences for individuals who are targeted. It is essential that individuals take a stand against such behavior and speak out against it, as Celina did in this instance.

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The incident also underscores the importance of respecting people’s privacy and personal lives. As public figures, celebrities are often subject to rumors and gossip, but it is important to remember that they are human beings with their own lives and relationships. Making baseless accusations about their personal lives can have serious consequences and is a form of harassment and abuse. Celina Jaitley’s response to the troll who accused her of having relationships with her co-stars is a reminder of the importance of standing up for oneself and speaking out against online harassment and abuse

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