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Taali: Sushmita Sen’s Heartwarming Gesture Towards Young Artist Aroha on Set – Touching Account Shared by Kid’s Mother: ‘She was her Protector

Actress Sushmita Sen showed her kindness and compassion on the set of her upcoming web series ‘Taali’ helmed by Ravi Jadhav and produced by Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar. She bonded well with a child artiste, Aroha, and even calmed her down during a difficult scene. Aroha’s mother, Shivlae Dusad, said that Sushmita pampered her daughter and allowed her to use the vanity van salon after the day’s shoot was over.

Aroha and Sushmita bonded so well during the shoot of ‘Taali’ that Aroha still asks her mother about Sushmita even after she has returned to school. Shivlae Dusad, Aroha’s mother, described a particularly difficult scene that Aroha was struggling with. Sushmita calmed Aroha down by explaining that it was all just an act, and that she was there to protect her. Sushmita held Aroha’s hand and made her feel secure, and Aroha was able to complete the scene without any problems.

After the shoot was over for the day, Aroha went into Sushmita’s vanity van to say goodbye to her parents. Her parents waited outside for her, but she didn’t come out for a while. When they asked Sushmita’s staff how far away Aroha was, they were told that she was still inside the van.

Aroha’s parents were surprised to hear this, because Aroha usually didn’t like to stay in vans for long. But when they asked Aroha why she was taking so long, she excitedly told them that Sushmita’s vanity van had a salon in it! Aroha had never been in a vanity van before, and she was fascinated by all the beauty products and equipment. She spent the next hour getting her hair and makeup done by Sushmita’s team, and she didn’t want to come out.

When Aroha was finally finished, she came out of the van with a big smile on her face. She told her parents that she had had a wonderful time, and that she would never forget her experience in Sushmita’s vanity van.

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