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OMG: Johnny Lever and Saurabh Shukla take a dig at Pathaan Scene in Pop Kaun’s teaser

The Indian comedy scene has been dominated by many great comedians over the years, but few have had as much success as Johnny Lever and Saurabh Shukla. Recently, the two actors teamed up for a parody scene in the upcoming show “Pop Kaun,” taking a hilarious dig at comedian Kapil Sharma.

The scene features Lever and Shukla in their iconic Pathaan characters, parodying a scene from the film “Karan Arjun,” which starred Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. In the scene, Lever and Shukla poke fun at Sharma’s tendency to interrupt and talk over his guests on his popular talk show, “The Kapil Sharma Show.”

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The parody is both hilarious and timely, as Sharma has faced criticism in recent years for his on-air behavior and handling of guests. The scene also showcases the talent and chemistry of Lever and Shukla, who are both known for their impeccable comic timing and ability to improvise.

The teaser for “Pop Kaun” has already generated a lot of buzz among comedy fans, and the parody scene featuring Lever and Shukla is sure to be a highlight of the show. The show promises to be a fresh take on the comedy genre, with a focus on parody and satire rather than slapstick humor.

While Lever and Shukla are both veterans of the Indian comedy scene, their collaboration in “Pop Kaun” is a refreshing change of pace from the usual fare of Bollywood comedies. The two actors bring a unique energy and chemistry to their scenes, and their parody of the Pathaan characters is both hilarious and inventive.

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Overall, the parody scene featuring Johnny Lever and Saurabh Shukla in “Pop Kaun” is a must-watch for any fan of Indian comedy. The show promises to be a game-changer in the genre, and with Lever and Shukla at the helm, it is sure to be a hit with audiences.

Moreover, Lever and Shukla have both been instrumental in shaping the Indian comedy scene, with their unique brand of humor and impeccable timing. Lever, in particular, is one of the most well-known and respected comedians in India, having worked in over 300 films in his career. On the other hand, Shukla is also a versatile actor, having worked in both mainstream and independent cinema, and is known for his outstanding performances in films like “Jolly LLB” and “Barfi.”

Their collaboration in “Pop Kaun” promises to be a treat for fans, as the two actors bring their years of experience and talent to the show. The parody scene featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan also adds an extra layer of humor, as the two actors are known for their on-screen chemistry and have starred in many films together. “Pop Kaun,” with its focus on parody and satire, promises to be a fresh take on the genre and could be a game-changer in the Indian comedy scene. Check the scene: 

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