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Jiah Khan suicide case: CBI court to likely issue the order today, Check what we know about it

On June 3, 2013, Bollywood actor Jiah Khan was found dead in her apartment in Mumbai. Her death was initially ruled a suicide, but her mother, Rabiya Khan, alleged foul play and filed a petition in the Bombay High Court, which transferred the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in 2014.

After a long investigation and several twists and turns, the CBI submitted its charge sheet in December 2015, accusing Jiah Khan’s boyfriend, actor Sooraj Pancholi, of abetting her suicide. The trial began in March 2018, and after several hearings, the verdict was supposed to be announced on April 5, 2021. However, due to the pandemic, the court deferred the verdict to April 21 and then to April 28.

As the day of the verdict approaches, here is what we know about the Jiah Khan suicide case:

  1. Jiah Khan’s mother’s allegations: Rabiya Khan, Jiah’s mother, has alleged that her daughter was murdered and that the evidence has been tampered with. She has accused Sooraj Pancholi’s father, actor Aditya Pancholi, of influencing the investigation and covering up the truth. Rabiya Khan has been fighting for justice for her daughter for almost eight years and has been vocal about her dissatisfaction with the investigation.
  2. Sooraj Pancholi’s defense: Sooraj Pancholi has denied the allegations of abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide and has maintained his innocence throughout the trial. His defense team has argued that Jiah Khan was depressed and had attempted suicide in the past, and that she had been in touch with a therapist who had prescribed her medication. They have also pointed out that Jiah Khan’s mother had filed a case against Sooraj Pancholi only after he had refused to marry Jiah Khan.
  3. The evidence: The CBI has relied on forensic evidence, including Jiah Khan’s autopsy report and phone records, to build its case against Sooraj Pancholi. They have alleged that Sooraj Pancholi had emotionally and physically abused Jiah Khan and had driven her to take her own life. They have also accused him of destroying evidence and lying to the police during the investigation.
  4. The witnesses: The trial has heard from several witnesses, including Jiah Khan’s mother, her sister, and her friends. They have testified about Jiah Khan’s mental state, her relationship with Sooraj Pancholi, and the events leading up to her death. Sooraj Pancholi’s defense team has also presented witnesses who have spoken in his favor, including his friends and family.
  5. The public interest: The Jiah Khan suicide case has generated a lot of interest and media coverage in India. It has raised important questions about mental health, domestic violence, and the power dynamics in relationships. The case has also highlighted the challenges faced by women who come forward with allegations of abuse and the need for a fair and impartial investigation in such cases.

As the CBI court is set to deliver its verdict on the Jiah Khan suicide case, it remains to be seen what the outcome will be. Lets wait and watch!

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan
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