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Kangana Ranaut Supports Ankita Lokhande for Bigg Boss 17 Victory, Alleges Media Attempting to Disrupt Their Family

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut Image Source Outlook India

Kangana Ranaut is showing her support for her Manikarnika co-star, Ankita Lokhande, in her journey on the reality show Bigg Boss. Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kangana penned a heartfelt note for Ankita’s mother-in-law, expressing her desire for Ankita to emerge victorious in the show. Kangana also mentioned that the media is attempting to create a false narrative to disrupt the family. Despite rooting for Ankita’s success, Kangana emphasized the importance of prioritizing her marriage above all else.

Inside the Bigg Boss house, Ankita and her partner, Vicky Jain, have been engaged in ongoing disagreements. Their arguments have even escalated to the point of discussing the possibility of divorce, leaving many viewers taken aback. In a recent episode, both Ankita and Vicky’s parents visited the house, engaging in conversations with their respective children. During a private discussion with Vicky’s mother, Ankita became involved in an argument. Vicky’s mother brought up an incident where Ankita had allegedly kicked Vicky, leading to a phone call from Ankita’s mother-in-law to Ankita’s own mother, questioning if she had ever treated her husband in a similar manner. This exchange visibly upset Ankita, who believed her mother should not have been dragged into the situation.

Another incident arose when Ankita expressed her anger towards Vicky’s closeness with fellow Bigg Boss contestant Mannara Chopra. Ankita confronted Vicky, stating that he had developed strong feelings for Mannara and enjoyed spending time with her. Vicky questioned the problem with their friendship, asking Ankita to provide logical reasoning for her concerns. Additionally, in a previous episode, Vicky’s frustration escalated to the point where he appeared to raise his hand as if to strike Ankita, leaving her momentarily shocked.

The dynamics between Ankita and Vicky inside the Bigg Boss house have been tumultuous, often marked by heated arguments and conflicting emotions. As the show progresses, viewers will continue to witness the ups and downs of their relationship, hoping for a resolution that prioritizes respect and understanding.



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