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CBFC Awards U/A Certificate to Ajay Devgn’s Shaitaan, In Contrast to the Original Vash, Which Received an ‘A’ Certificate with 8 Cuts


The buzz around the Ajay Devgn-starrer “Shaitaan” has been on the rise since the spine-chilling trailer was unveiled on February 22. The advance booking received a positive response upon its opening, indicating a promising opening for the film. On March 4, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) granted a U/A certificate to the makers, sparking excitement in the trade and exhibition sector. This certification allows not only adults but also family audiences to flock to theaters to experience “Shaitaan.”

“Shaitaan” underwent 4 modifications from the CBFC’s Examining Committee (EC). The makers were instructed to include a voiceover for the disclaimer, a statement disclaiming support for black magic, and a static message on liquor consumption. Additionally, an abusive word was replaced with a scream, and a visual cut was made to reduce the depiction of blood oozing from the mouth by 25%.

Scheduled for release in cinemas on March 8, the film’s length, as indicated on the censor certificate, is 132 minutes. Interestingly, “Shaitaan” is an official remake of the 2023 Gujarati super-hit film, “Vash,” which was granted an adults-only certificate and underwent 8 cuts. Comparing the two, a member of the Gujarati film industry expressed astonishment at the difference in certification and cuts, speculating on the potential business impact of “Vash” with a U/A certificate.

While some speculate that “Shaitaan” may be less graphic than “Vash,” leading to fewer cuts, an industry insider emphasized the need to view the film before drawing conclusions about potential bias from the CBFC towards the Bollywood remake. Meanwhile, the CBFC’s treatment of the recently released period film, “Kasoombo,” has sparked criticism from the Gujarati industry and moviegoers. The director of “Kasoombo” alleged unfair cuts by the CBFC, citing scenes of shlokas being asked to be removed while no cuts were imposed on the religious scenes of Alaudin Khilji’s character, leading to public outcry and viral social media posts.



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