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Top 5 Bollywood Actresses Have Gone Breast Implant


The B Town is a glamour business, which keeps the ladies on toe. They leave no stone unturned to make them gorgeous and fit for the industry. This is perhaps the key reason why plastic surgeries are a commonplace in the industry. Right from getting their lips and nose done to going in for breast implants, actresses (and even actors) leave no stone unturned to look a million dollars on screen. And while a lot of actresses do not like to talk about their breast enhancements, some things do not go unseen. Here’s the list of tinsel town ladies who went under the knife to get a better (and bigger) rack:

 1). Ayesha Takia:

Ayesha Takia breast implant

She started her career with music videos. This demure girl was seen making a hustle with her innocent acts in Falguni Pathak’s video. She had a  However, she could never make as many headlines for her films and acting abilities as she did for her, well, breast implants. The woman suddenly became a rage among most, all thanks to her enhanced figure. She is one of the actresses who always keep mum about breast enhancements.

2).Bipasha Basu:

Bipasa Basu Breast Implant

The dusky beauty was a supermodel before she got the attention to Bollywood. The lady just like any other ramp model had a very slender figure that was perfect for the modeling world. However, that could not take her anywhere in Bollywood. This is why without wasting any time; Bipasha went in for breast implants in 2001.

3). Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika is one of the actresses who never own up to the fact that she took help from medical sciences to get the perfect frame she is seen flaunting in skimpy dresses. However, it is clear from her before and after pictures that Mallika too got breast implants done to have a fuller frame

4). Kangana Ranaut:

 Kangana Ranaut

After starting her career with ‘Gangster’ in 2006, she sure made headlines for her acting mettle and looks. However, despite of gaining popularity and film offers alike, Kangana Ranaut shunned her petite frame for a bigger size. In ‘Rascals’ which released in 2011, Kangana was seen sporting a bikini, flaunting a well endowed figure

5). Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa shetty breast implant

Shilpa rose to fame with ‘Baazigar’ which released in 1993. However, compared to her early days in Bollywood, Shilpa in the later years of her career was seen sporting a fuller figure. Married to businessman Raj Kundra, Shilpa is known for her beautiful figure still. Reports have it that she underwent breast implant surgery and also got nose job done to be Bollywood-ready.


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