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Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav Serial


Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav

Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav TV Show

Star cast – Ulka Gupta and Rohit Bakshi

Genre – Mythological

Channel – Big Magic

Time – 7.00 pm

Release Date – Coming Soon

Synopsis: One of the popular TV channel called Big Magic is all set to embark upon the new mythological TV show known as Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav. The TV show is all set to hit the theatres soon. The TV show is produced by the duo filmmakers NIkhil Sinha and Sohana Sinha under their own banners called Triangle film. The TV show has Ulka Gupta and Rohit Bakshi in the roles of Parvati and Bhairav respectively. The show is all set to hit the small screens soon and the allotted time will be around 7.00 pm. The TV show happens to be the mythological in genre which the makers launched after the success of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and Siya Ke Ram. This will be a 52 episode program.

Now, talking about the story of the show deals with the 52 shaktipeeths in terms of the most powerful and raging forms of Lord Shiva – Bhaira. So, what really goes in the TV show happens to be an interesting to catch. The TV show is known to have one of the best breathtaking effects backed with some good performances which can be checked after looking at the trailers and promos of the show. The makers have invested a lot in making huge and lavish kind of sets, which are known to have the intricate production elements making it a treat to catch once the TV show finally hits the small screen. So, what are you waiting for, get things noted as per your whims and fancies. And yes what comments you have to say about the same would be interesting to catch.


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