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Rozlyn Khan

Rozlyn Khan
Rozlyn Khan

Rozlyn Khan Personal Info :

Born : 27 August 1988
Age  : 26
Height : 5.6
Birthplace : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Rozlyn Khan Wiki :

Fame from controversies has been stepping stones to Bollywood more than often. Roslyn Khan’s fame also rests on her controversial pictures and statements. Roslyn whose original name is Rehanna Khan started modeling at an early age. She has been a model for Tv commercials and shot to fame for her pictures that were semi nude and obscene. The model associated herself with the Indian cricketers and supported them openly in her own sensuous way. The model posed exposing her butt and cleavage for the posters. If this was not enough, she even participated in PETA activities that fought for animal rights and protested against slaughtering of animals unjustly. She was a part of breast cancer awareness programs in which too she flaunted her body. Her list of controversies does not end here. Her name was involved in the missing case of an aspiring film producer.

Roslyn has not only done many ramp shows but also acted in many TV commercials beginning with Kelvinator , Fruity and Monoco Biscuits. She recently stated that she holds the cause of breast cancer awareness close to her heart. She believes that one should step ahead to work for such social causes. She expressed her concern over the matter of abuse of animals and raised voice against the same.

The 25 year old model bagged a role in Arhan Akhtar’s film Dhama Chaukhadi which released in 2012. In the film she played a minor role that went unnoticed. But now the girl has bagged few other projects that includes Ram Gopal Verma’s version of the pornographic character Savita Bhabhi. With that the lady associated herself with the character and released her web version of it. Once again that brought that her in the news. Interestingly, a comic series was created on the web with a similar character named Roslyn. The comic strip was released which was pornographic in nature. Roslyn made it her official comic strip and endorsed it.

     Roslyn is gearing up for various others endorsements and film projects these days while her work with Ram Gopal Verma is underway.


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