Just Bollywood
But With A Diffrence

Ranveer Singh is a Livewire of B Town has a child within him that keeps him moving


He is known as the livewire with the unstoppable energy apart from having the infectious charm. All his performances in a wide range of films he has done speaks a lot about him and his passion for acting. Right from his first film to the recent ones and the upcoming called Padmavati, he is often seen nailing with his incredible performances. In fact, with every passing performance of this man, he seems to turn incredible in terms of performance and playing his character. With the glimpse of his character of Aladuin Khilji in his upcoming movie called Padmavati, he seems to have done so well.

In fact, his ardent fans and even the co-stars considers him to be among the warmest and most approachable rising star in the B town. He is live, smart and dynamic but not many know that till 14 years, he was a fat boy who now charms with his physique to have a huge female fan as well. He likes to be a child hence when his picture with a kid with his face morphed on it came with the title Child to Grow Up, he took it in a light mode and wanted to return to his childhood to enjoy his liberty and light hearted life.

Well, talking about his likes and dislikes, he likes red and white apart from liking chocolates, Chinese food and mutton curry, he is a great foodie and loves to be at a several food joints in India. He likes to be fashionable, rapping, partying, while he dislikes one thing, which is reading. We are waiting for his Children’s Day plan, let’s see what he says about the same. As we see him as a livewire in B Town and a person with jovial character and fun loving guy, we are very sure he has something interesting to do this coming Children’s day. Let’s wait and watch, for the things he has in his basket for the coming C Day.



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