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Ranveer & Deepika Kiss Goes Viral upsets Padmavit director

Ranveer & Deepika Kiss Goes Viral upsets Padmavit director
Ranveer & Deepika Kiss Goes Viral upsets Padmavit director

Sanjay Leela Bhansali upcoming movie Padmavati has been riddled with one issue to the other making the delay of the film. First, it was due to the protesters who felt that SLB was playing with the history by distorting it. Despite the protests, SLB kept on making the movie and his only key aim is to finish the film on the given time so that it can be released on its scheduled date. So, he has instructed both Ranveer and Deepika to be extra conscious and do not create any controversy by allowing people to gossip about them.

The two have been playing different roles in the film and the director do not want any of their pictures being shared any where as it can harm the film. The two are not sharing any screen or scene in the movie despite being there in the film. So, even they are dating in real life, they should not remain close to each other for the above said reason. But despite all the preventive measurements, a picture of the two actors kissing each other has gone viral over the web.
Ranveer Deepika Kiss
Ranveer Deepika Kiss
As you can see the picture, the couple is kissing which seems too much sensual and it has  gone viral over the web making the director upsed about it. The makers have been asking the two to avoid being cozy to each other till the movie finally releases. The film also has Shahid Kapoor in it and it is all set to release this November 2017. The leggy lass is playing the titular role of Rani Padmini and her husband’s role of Raja Rawal Ratan Singh is played by Shahid Kapoor. On the other hand, Ranveer will be playing the main antagonist Alauddin Khilji who is very much obsessed with Rani Padmini. Do Comment on it to let us know your views about it.

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