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Rangoon First Look: Notch Kangana Ranaut in Stellar cum Action Look


Rangoon First Look

A huge spreading buzz which was about to catch fire on the floor is finally gearing up for the releasing days on the run, Indeed it’s all about the one n only and one of our favorite Kangana Ranaut who will be sizzling with her style and action for her upcoming project ‘Rangoon’. Under the directions of Vishal Bhardwaj the movie will touch the floors soon in the looming 2016 however, if I’ll talk about the craze then may god help the fans eagerness as it’s actually getting flooded with the eagerness and response by catching up some smashing promos on the floor.

Moreover, despite by the fact that the response is actually catching up a fire whose heat can be easily felt by the makers but on the other hand, the sizzling cum hot actress is ready for action with her mind-blowing avatar on the set. Just to update the loving fans, the movie is under construction at the Film City Studio, wherein our true sources added that “She will be seen mostly in western clothes including halter-neck dresses and plays the ultimate seductress.” – As per the sources. Have a look on the dashing cum action avatar of Kangana right here..


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