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Qandeel Baloch Sparking Rumours: Will Step in Big Boss10 Only when Terms and Conditions Met!!


Qandeel Baloch

‘Big Boss’ one of the popular shows of Bollywood which can actually create a blast in the B town whenever it can and whose impact will be disastrous for young hearts and guess what, the show makers are on the verge to explore one new season with a name ‘Big Boss Season 10’. Yes what you’re thinking is right a new season with new contestants in the house and the list as usually is creating marvellous rumours whose peak is gets doubled every year. Despite by the fact that rumours and controversies flow like a spark round the floor however in the end the real names are only revealed in the beginning of the show.

The same goes with the looming season as well wherein some glamorous stars cum celeb names already started getting on the run, one of the name which is sizzling like anything and is creating a strong eagerness in between the fans is nothing but, the renowned sexy Pakistani actress name Qandeel Baloch, who’s on the verge of creating fire on the rumours. Well as per the sources the sexy model added that she will not say anything much as “I have certain terms and conditions. Once those are met, I’ll release a statement,” – As per the sources. Moreover this was not the only thing laster on she wrote on her facebook page as “Hahahahaahah ?#?surprise #?qandeelbaloch #?biggboss10 ?#?bb10 #?biggbossseason10.” few moments later she also added “India are u ready ? #?qandeelbaloch ?#?bb10 #?biggboss10 ?#?biggbossseason10,” – As per the sources. However the strange cum shocking thing was, when she was asked about the same she replied –“Why should I fill out a form? Those are for common people, not celebrities!”  – Which is another controversial statement and when it comes to revealing the fact behind all such no sense rumours then all things knock to one n only thing i.e. ‘Date on the which the show will be on the floor’ which yet to be revealed!!


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