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Pad Man or Padmaavat – who’s the winner at the Box Office

Pad Man or Padmaavat

Earlier these two films were supposed to hit on the Republic Day, however, to get the solo release the makers of Padmaavat requested Akshay Kumar to avert this clash which he readily agreed and postponed the release date of his film. Now, when the Pad Man released, the Padmaavat has already scored good on the box office, while the PadMan is yet to enter into the 50 crores. Let’s check the way these two films would perform and check who would be the winner in the coming times.


Let’s talk about the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film known as Padmavat. The film has a huge buzz in the media for the obvious reasons. This created a huge amount of inquisitiveness in the media and thanks to the ways the Karni Sena and fringe group agitated the film turned big over the box office. It was  obvious to see the film doing well at the time of Republic Day release as the collection went to the 100 crore in just four days. And now the film has entered into the 250 crore with the collection reaching to 260 crore at the box office.


Now, time to check how the other film  PadMan would work. It is the first release of Akshay Kumar of 2018. The film is inspired by a real story of man behind giving the Indian women the sanitary napkin for clean and hygiene along with giving people the best of the performances. However, the subject isn’t that impressive to attract the heed of the audience in a big way. Talking about the collection the film has managed to get around 50 crore in four days which is just the half what Padmaat earned. The max the film would do will enter somehow in the 100 crore as the weekdays has not much to give this film in terms fo collection.

So, who is the winner?

Looking at the current state it is the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film called Padmavat which is the winner and not the film PadMan by Akshay Kumar who seems to be the winner at the box office.


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