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OMG: Vidya Balan Opted out Meena Kumari Biopic

Vidya Balan on begam jaan
The Biopic of the Pakeezah actress Meena Kumari Biopic is on the way. The makers are now looking for an actress for their film. However, they had roped in earlier the Queen actress Kangana Ranaut but they soon approached Vidya Balan for the reason of getting a press notice from the Pakeezah movie makers stating that Kangi is not the right choice for the biopic. The statement explained that she was not the right choice and they gave the reasons behind the same. They then turned to Vidya who was initially ready to do the film but later opted out stating that she is no more in the film as it didn’t work out for the lady.

She said though she loves the late actress and that she has a girl crush on the lady. She said she is very much fascinated and that she misses meeting the lady as she is no more in this world. So, what went wrong is interesting to know. As per the actress the script has justify the great actress of Bollywood. The makers are looking out to make the film sensational by adding spices in it. She said a different episodes have to be added in her life and not anything that can catch the eyeballs. Since she didn’t find the script at par, she left the same. She then said that she did the film The Dirty Picture as the character of Silk has the sensationalism in it.

She further said that the biopics are very sensitive and they are supposed to be done for a right reasons. You cannot just make a biopic film on actresses like Meena Kumari simply to add that anyone should watch the film. She said even she is not in this world still she would respect a lady like her presence here. She said the makers are giving a one sided story to the audience. As she has her own criteria of picking up biopics, she didn’t find the film as per her whims and fancies that made her leave the same. Currently she is gearing up for her next movie called Tumhari Sulu.


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