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I am not a surgery junkie: Shah Rukh Khan



King Khan has his own style of humor. The wordsmith never falls short of funny responses when it comes to answering questions posed by the media. At the launch of Bone Marrow Transplant Centre at Nanavati Hospital, yesterday, King Khan spoke about dull things like surgeries and doctors but even made that interesting with his comic timing. A journalist asked him whether his surgeries slow him down or affect his zeal in any way and the superstar’s reply is just gold. He effortlessly turned around the entire conversation to a funny note.

SRK said, “The strange thing is I have never really got injured while doing something dangerous. I am a romantic hero. While loving only I am getting injured, I am making love when I am getting injured. (laughs) I have a bad knee; it was during a dance not some big stunt.” I can totally imagine Aamir Khan or for that matter any other actor giving an articulate answer for a question like this but SRK, no!

Shah Rukh is a self-admitted masochist. He enjoys enduring pain. During the press conference his doctor revealed that he once paid his stunt man so that he could do his stunt on his own. During one such stunt, he injured his back. And there are many such instances. But, SRK still refuses to call himself a surgery junkie. He says, “I am not a surgery junkie. I have had nine or ten. I have just had one. I still have to take my stitches off.”


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