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Naseeruddin Shah Calls Rs The 100 Crore Club is marring film-making sensibilities


naseeruddin shah sharing his views on 100 crore club

The veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah is back in news for giving his statement on Rs 100 Crore Club. He said such terms created by the box office have added poison in the spirits of filmmakers. He called the content rich films more economical than the ones without much of content. The sensibility of filmmaking has simply poisoned the sensibility of filmmaking, though he said that money could be one of the key reasons of making movies but the content based films can be made at affordable cost. He further said that movies like Waiting or any other niche films will never be seen by rickshaw puller of laborers but the same people would catch films like Happy New Year or Bajrangi Bhaijaan for obvious reasons.

The films like Waiting and other similar films are the niche activity, he further said that such films if they aspire to enter the 100 crore club, then the quality of the film will be hampered. Most of the filmmakers simply yield to the temptation of bigger budget films in no time, while small movies tend to struggle a lot at the same. He then cited out a couple of films that were made in the seventies, which were good but failed to enter into the 100 crore club. In fact, such terminology never existed in this age.

On the contrary, the films with weird and nonsensical subjects have been appreciated by the audience with the collection tolling to a whopping 100 crore. He also commented about the regional cinema wherein he felt the need of developing the enhancing these films as well. He then applauded regional cinemas like Marathi and Punjabi to be among the good ones. He named a couple of actors from these two industries who hail from B Town has contributed a lot in these film. A classic example of such actor is of Jimmy Sheirgill who has boosted up the Punjabi Film Industry to a great extent.


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