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Mom Movie Review


Mom is a perfect blend of mystery, love and mystery

Movie – Mom

Director – Ravi Udyawar

Star Cast – Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna, Abhimanyu Singh

Genre – Thriller Drama

Studio – Mad Films & Third Eye Pictures

Rating -3.5


The film is an Indian thriller drama all set to release today. The film has a lawyer in a role of a mother who has a conflict with her stepdaughter, which is played by Sajal Aly. However, what really has befallen her daughter Arya remains a mystery. What really goes with the family with mom called Devki at the centre is interesting to catch in your nearest cinema. The film is all about the mother who is trying to fix things between her teenager and young daughter who happens to be the step daughter.


In terms of story and plot, the film isn’t a new concept in Indian Cinema. Time and again we have seen such films with different twists, however, this time the director has gone too far to present a movie, which is not just emotional but at the same time has a thriller edge in it. This really makes the film different from all the other films that deal with the dysfunctional family. There are too many elements in the film, which makes the film both interesting and catchy highlighting the elements of motherhood the most. In a sense the film has grown up a lot with an intriguing message. Now talking about the performances, Sridevi in her character of a lawyer has simply nailed it with her incredible performance. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s in a balding man is highly intriguing whereas the actor Akshaye Khanna simply appears to be menacing in the film.. On the whole, the movie has the blend of right elements of mystery, thriller and drama, which can keep the audience on their toes.

Mom the last word

The story of the film happens to be an emotional journey, which is very much hard hitting and very apt for today’s time. However, how well it will hit or fall over the box office will be interesting to catch though the makers have tried to showcase the film in different languages to reach out a wider audience but with a passage of time, we get to hear how really the film has made its impact on the audience.


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