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Julie 2 Movie Review

Julie 2 Review

Get a peep inside the murk behind the glam

Movie – Julie 2

Director- Deepak Shivdasani

Star cast: Raai Laxmi, Ravi Kishan, Pankaj Tripathy

Producer- Vijay Nair, Deepak Shivdasani and Pahlaj Nihalani

Studio-Triumph Talkies

Running time – 159 minutes

Rating – 2.5


You have a simple a girl called Julie from a small town known as Julie. She is seen fulfilling her dreams of becoming a star in B Town and then rises to become a star by her skin shows. But her stardom is soon brought to dark till she is brought to death and it creates a huge buzz in the entertainment industry. It would be interesting to catch what happens the next.


The erotic thriller ironically comes from a man who have been often against having films with skin shows. So, amidst all the buzz, the former CBFC head has dared to show his real face by making an erotic thriller that’s interesting to catch at the moment and the top of it he claims to have embarked with a clean adult movie as he says the film has no obscenity or any cuss words. On the face of it the film appears to be a blend of many B Town old movies and TV shows which have similar plots. So, in terms of giving a clean and healthy movie, the man has less to give to the audience. However, if you are looking for skin show with some thrill and the investigation of a murder, it would be a change for you.

The film somehow is seen deploying some unusual level of melodrama for creating an aura of progressive ruination around the lead actor of the movie. It finally is seen slumping to a groaning halt. However, not before executing an end-game, which seems to attempt to take the saga of the casting couch to the suspenseful level. The debutante Rai Laxmi stands impressively tall in the film even as her character is seen shaking to the ground. She seems to have a good grip over her character’s messy life along with adding oomph factors. Talking about the performances, Raai Laxmi who happens to be at the centerstage has done a decent job.  Pankaj Tripathy, Rati Agnihotri and Ravi Kissan too have played a good role in it.

Julie 2 – The Last Word

The film Julie 2 though is an old-fashioned high-pitched melodramatic movie showcasing an actress’ journey from point zero to the best of wow but on the other side, it has loads of unexpected twists and turns in the plot as well. The film’s narrative is seen neatly balancing and engaging and the corny.



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