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Hrithik Roshan Old Police Complaint Leaked: What’s the Crux

Hrithik invited Kangana to attend his birthday bash
Hrithik invited Kangana to attend his birthday bash

We still keep on hearing the Hrithik Roshan & Kangana Ranaut tussle. After we hear the public outburst about their relationship in the recent times, we now hear that an old police complaint of the stylish actor has been leaked, and it has revealed a few facts, which are seen hiding earlier, outwardly. Earlier we heard the lawyer of Mahesh Jethmalani of the stylish actor was seen saying that Hrithik Roshan is getting stalked by Kangana Ranaut and claimed that the detailed leaked in the media seemed authentic. He then talked to the media wherein he said that there was a complaint, which was filed in April this year. He said there are much more things than stalking, but stalking is certainly a significant part of it. He has been stalked, but as per the reports, the complete series of events between the two have been big. He then said that the case has been dealt with great confidentiality. He then said that the case is under investigation at this juncture as there are several delicate issues involved. Well, we have brought out for you some of the excerpts of the leaked police complaint as under:

About Hrithik’s birthday party

As per the leaked reports, Hrithik invited Kangana to attend his birthday bash with his professional courtesy. The party had around 100 people with a majority of invites were from the film fraternity apart from few friends of the actor from other fields.

Regarding Kangi’s Kites and Krrish three project

During the promotion and production of the movie Kites, the relationship between Hrithik & Kangi was strictly professional. In the entire phase of the production and the release via Krrish 3 along with the link found in between the two were thoroughly professional.

The Conversation between Kangana and Hrithik at Karan Johar’s bash

When Hrithik Roshan met the actress Kangana on the popular filmmaker Karan Johar’s birthday, he met him casually and congratulated her for the success of her movie Queen. Though the actor has not seen the film, he has only heard the rave reviews about it. However, the actor while talking to the lady said that he would watch the movie as soon as he could. On the other side, Kangi was seen with a surprise to this statement when she said that it was Hrithik who wished her for the success saying that she did well in her movie and that he has seen the film. The actor then emailed the actress about watching the film and applauding her the very same day.

Text Messages

The very next morning when he got up, he found many abusive text messages found in Hindi between 2 am to 4 am from Kangi. He was horrified with his rude and offensive messages. The complaint then talks about the email fights between the two.

Hrithik Roshan Old Police Complaint Leaked1
Hrithik Roshan Old Police Complaint Leaked1

Email from Ms. Rangoli Ranaut

The actor received an email from Kang’s sister called Ms. Rangoli Ranaut in which she said that Hrithik had emotionally and psychologically raped him.  On getting such rude and false allegation email, Hrithik, however, decided to ignore such low-class email.

Email from Ms. Rangoli Ranaut
Email from Ms. Rangoli Ranaut

Wrapping up

There is much about the two actors to reveal and discuss; however, the above points disclosed are the crux of the police complaints filed by the stylish star. So, what do you think about it, do let us know for sure? Do comment on us and let us know!

hrithik kanga email
hrithik kanga email

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