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Happy Birthday Alia Bhatt, the actress turns 24


It’s a big day for Alia Bhatt as she turns 24 today but she is ’32’ in her head and ’54’ in her craft. It’s difficult to imagine that until five years ago we hadn’t even heard of this Bhatt star kid, only passing mentions in the press as Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter and Pooja Bhatt’s sister. Representing the new Bollywood order, she came at a time when many established actresses (Kareena Kapoor with whom Alia shared screen in Udta Punjab and Aishwarya Rai to name a few) were approaching dead-end.

The industry was suddenly flushed with bright sparks – Sonakshi Sinha, Kangana Ranaut, Anushka Sharma and the slightly older Vidya Balan, whose late flowering shook things up for Bollywood. In such a galaxy of talents, who would have expected Alia Bhatt, the youngest among her peers, to become a front-runner for best star performer? Alia, with plenty of charm and easy grip on acting strikes you as a natural-born who has inherited all the good genes of the Bhatts.

In her short career, she has been loved and trolled and mocked at equally, for reasons other than her stardom. Those who feel she isn’t as intelligent as her famous dad or sister need only watch one of her performances to know that it’s not possible to convey such emotional and intuitive power on screen without possessing intellect. The other Bhatts are just knowledgeable. She is alert, keen, frank and totally unselfconscious about her work. The few films she has been a part of reveal a great understanding that acting is all about being yourself and that’s what sets her apart from both her celebrity family and other heroines.


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