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Dilraz Sidhu


Dilraz SidhuDilraz Sidhu Bio :

Born : 11 November 1989
Age  : 27 years
Birthplace : Vadodara
Height: 1.83 m
Education: N/A
Occupation : Dancer, Youtuber

Dilraz Sidhu is a dancer with many hits on her you tube videos. Showcasing her excellent dance skills, the Punjabi girl has posted many dance videos on the internet. She has danced on many o super hit songs in Bollywood and Punjabi movies. Dilraz is lean and slender and has great flexibility in her moves which make her a flawless dancer.

Since Dilraz showed potential towards dancing, she received the support of her parents to pursue training in dance. Dilraz went ahead with training in western dance forms and got her expertise in ballet dancing and western dance forms. She has participated and won awards in many dance competitions. After she received great applause for her performances, Dilraz made the best of internet platform to post her videos. She has danced on hit songs like Chittiyaan Kalayiyaan and Pink Lips. Her ballet dance moves are very strong and she dazzles in the attire of the professional ballet dancer.

Dilraz Sidhu is equally good at Indian dances as she is at western. She has a very expressive face which uses to the best of her ability to portray the emotion in the lyrics. Her expressions are one of her best qualities.


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