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Deepika, Ranveer and Salman Khan’s mother had their meeting at Karan Johar’s house: Its Interesting to note

Deepika, Ranveer and Salman Khan

Karan Johar is seen planning a movie with Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan’s mother and Ranveer. And that was the reason why all the three were seen gathering at his place. Well, whenever we see the actors collecting at any filmmaker’s home then the usual reason is their future plan to make a film together. And considering the fact the way Ranveer and Deepika has been riding high over the box office with their recent release Padmaavat, they remain the best and the hot couple to collect and do a film together. In fact, Salman Khan’s wife Salma too was there to meet Karan Johar and perhaps all of them would be the part of the project.

We are still to be clear on the picture whether Salman has met the filmmaker earlier or have they done their official meeting before the three met again at his place. However, the three meeting at this place simply raises the doubt that they have something really cooking in their minds and they have a plan to make a movie with Karan Johar. As of now, we just have the pictures of these celebrities seen here and no more details are coming out at the moment.

Deepika, Ranveer and Salman Khan mother

Interestingly, a few months before there were rumors coming from the rumor mills that suggested that Karan Johar is planning a film with the leggy lass Deepika and the handsome hunk Sidharth Malhotra; although we could barely seen any development on that after the said news. With Ranveer Singh stepping into the picture and with the mother of Salman Khan too joining the frame, it would be interesting to see how things finally materialises and with which actor. Well, do you have something interesting to comment about this unusual meeting, we are eager to hear from you. Do Comment on it and let us know about the same.


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