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Bollywood Movies Giving Some Country Love Lessons that we should check this Republic Day 

Bollywood Movies Gives Country lesson

No body loves the country more than Bollywood. It has time and again proved the world and the audience that …

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10 Things that Popped up While Watching Padmavat


Finally amidst all the mess and opposition the Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie, Padmaavat was released yesterday. After being mired to …

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Padmaavat Row: Chittorgarh Karni Sena is arrested by the Police

padmavati Strict Law & Order

If you check the latest buzz on the Padmavat row, the police have arrested the Chittorgarh unit chief of the …

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Phullu Producer Takes PadMan makers to Task for making False Claims

PadMan vs fullu

As the film PadMan is making news for getting released in February 2018, we hear from the makers that it …

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B Town actors who failed to get their debut with these films

B Town actors who failed to get their debut with these films

You get what you are destined to get. At times even if you feel that you are getting the success …

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5 Patriotic Films to Catch this Republic Day

The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

Come 26th January or 15th August, the fervor for patriotism reaches to its new height. People want to flaunt their emotions for their …

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Padmaavat: Will the Movie Make Big at the Box Office after so many controversies

The film Padmavat is all set to hit the theatres tomorrow. With barely a day remaining for its release, the big …

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Padmavat Movie Review : The Film Belongs to Ranveer Singh in a typically Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie


Padmavat Movie Review Director – Sanjay Leela Bhansali Star cast – Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor Genre – …

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5 Reasons why Padmaavat could be the highest opening day grosser in Ranveer Singh’s career

Ranveer Singh shared a collage of images of his character from the upcoming film Padmaavat.

Since past few months, the film Padmavat by Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been making news for all good and bad …

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5 Compelling Reasons to watch Padman 

Sonam Kapoor In padman

The Padman starring Akshay Kumar is all set to release next month. Earlier this film was supposed to release this 26th …

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Padmavat all set to hit the theatres – some interesting facts to check

Padmavat The revolt still goes on

As the judgment from the Supreme Court came about the film Padmavat release in the banned states, the makers didn’t …

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Will Shahid Kapoor a highest grossing movie with Padmavat?

Shahid Kapoor a highest grossing movie

We know Shahid Kapoor to be among the best actors in B Town. He is popular for his incredible transformations …

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5 Bollywood actors who remained the part of M Town as well

Bollywood Actors Acted In Marathi

When one compares Marathi Cinema with Hindi Cinema, the difference is obvious. The fact is the comparison can be called …

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वो हिंदी फ़िल्में जिनपर लगा है इतना पैसा कि सुनकर होश उड़ जाएंगे


मुग़ल ए आज़म 1960 में रिलीज़ हुई मुग़ल ए आज़म अपने ज़माने की सबसे महंगी फ़िल्म थी. इस मेगा बजट …

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5 Bollywood Films that Gave Good Impact to the Indian Cinema

Asoka Movie

The Bollywood is known to give too many films in a year that makes it the biggest film industry in …

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5 Foolish Mistakes In Bollywood Movies that nobody notices

Mistakes In Bollywood Movies

Talk about the B Town films, and we call them as our biggest source of entertainment. However, amidst all the …

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5 Biggest Controversial Bollywood Films Ever

5 Biggest Controversial Bollywood Films Ever

Bollywood mired in controversies is no more a strange thing these days. Every other movie is being brought into any …

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Behind the Scenes Pics from some Popular Bollywood Movie Songs

Catfight of DP and Priyanka.

We see the lead actors doing wonders in B Town films. Some dance in scantily dresses amidst the freezing temperatures, …

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Freida Pinto & Her Transformation Since Slumdog Millionaire

Freida Pinto Music Video

The Slumdog Millionaire won several Oscars when it was nominated for several categories.  Freida Pinto had her debut with this …

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Some interesting Bollywood Sequels to catch In 2018

Don 3

The sequels are the new buzzword in Bollywood, which seems to be in fashion in the industry. The moment we …

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