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Aamir’s love for kids and young people remains special all the time


Aamir’s love for kids

He is known as Mr. Perfectionist, who is known to give some of the best movies in B Town. The actor has come long way in proving his mettle hard in the B Town. He rules the box office and his movie even with ordinary story are seen doing extraordinary business not just in India but all across the world. His last year released movie called Dangal has ruled the box office with giving a huge collection not just in India but all over the world. The actor born and brought up in Bombay is known to come from the known family of B Town who has given too many films. Both is father and uncle have been known in the industry.

Despite all this, he has undergone a tough time during his childhood. He remained underpaid for his tuition fees that has kept him always at the brim of getting expelled from the schools and college he have studied due to late or non-payment of the fees. Thus he describes his childhood as tough. However, the same childhood has given him to stand on his feet early. He was also seen in two films by his uncle Nasir Hussain including Yaado Ki Baraat. So, if you think he had a great childhood think again. He has achieved everything right from the tag of Mr. Perfectionist to an ace actor and filmmaker with his great passion and hard work.

Now, if we talk about his likes and dislikes, he has a long list of things that he likes the most. He is a great foodie, he likes Mughlai food and his favorite dish is biryani though he has recently turned into a veggie so leaving chicken and mutton behind. He likes fish and eggs, he dislikes to be idle and hates to take alcohol or rather have healthy juice. Despite being so busy, he finds time to greet the kids with his social media messages. He also does something different on Children’s Day. Let’s see what he has for this time, we are waiting for his Children’s Day plan, let’s see what he says about the same.


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