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7 Interesting facts about Lastbenchers


Lastbenchers is one of the upcoming Hindi movies being directed by Prajakt Rebeloma and produced by Er. Moreshwar Meshram. The movie revolves around the college students who happen to be backbenchers and fail in their exams to turn out a dropout. However, when they face life, they have no option but to struggle, slog and work hard against all odds to defy it. They not only sustain against all odds but also prove their worth in this competitive world by doing something big in their lives. The movie has lots of interesting facts to explore about the same, which occurs behind the scene that you being a film lover wouldn’t like to miss. Let’s check the top 7 interesting facts about Lastbenchers as under:

Lastbenchers movie facts

1). The entire movie was shot in Nagpur and its vicinity areas. The crew took all pain to find one of the best locations in Nagpur to complete the movie.

2). No help or support from the B Town. Except taking the censor board certificate from Mumbai the city of Bollywood, not a single support or help was taken from the B Town to produce the movie. The entire production, dubbing, editing and other technical stuffs were carried out right in the orange city called Nagpur.

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3). The scenes were not planned and documented earlier. Unlike other movies wherein every single scene of the movie is planned after loads of brain storming session, Lastbenchers didn’t witness any such kind of formal planning of the scenes while shooting the movie.

4). Prajakt, the man behind directing the movie has no formal training in acting or filmmaking. Unlike other successful filmmakers who have formal training from leading institutes like FTII and other similar such places, he didn’t had any formal training in this domain.


5). Prajakt, learnt everything on YouTube videos and other e learning resources in order to learn film making. Right from direction, acting, editing, dubbing, cinematography, etc. everything was learnt and mastered by Prajakt on his own watching detailed Do It Yourself (DIY) videos at YouTube and other e-learning sources over the web.

6). Lastbenchers’ Filmmaker is a college dropout. Believe it or not, Prajakt the man behind the entire Lastbenchers project is a 11th Standard or FYJC college dropout, who learnt everything on his own to make this movie.

7). Prajakt and his team made his own lights and other amenities required to produce movie on their own rather than taking the stuff on hire. This was carried out simply to explore things on their own, rather than saving money on their film making cost.


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