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5 Hollywood Celebrities killed by their fans


We know how celebrities are known to garner huge amount of attention from the media. Amidst all this buzz and media hype, they are surrounded and followed by loads of people called their fans. As said, excess of anything is harm and so is the love and ardent love for the fans who somehow make things dirty. In fact, we also tend to hear that their  fans have went on to the extent killing their celebrities. How about catching up the top five celebrities who were killed by their fans as under:

1). Selena

The lady was a rising star of her own fun club as she was the founder of the same. However, she got a bad end when her own fan called Yolanda Saldivar was seen gunning down the lady when she as barely at the age of 23. As per reports, she founded the fan club in 1991. The person whom killed the lady which was due to the reason of fudging with the funds raised with the Grammy award money.

2). Rebecca Schaeffer

She was young and gorgeous when she got murdered at the age of 21. The lady was shot over the doorway over the Hollywood home when the fan who is obsesses by the Fan known as Robert John Bardo on the 18th July 1989. After Schaeffer’s death, legislation was passed to prohibit DMV employees from disclosing addresses. Once the star passed away the legislation who has passed the DMV employee from the disclosing addresses.

3). Dimebag Darrell

There are number of people who are keen on losing their life for whom they love but not on the timetable murder. He was killed by Pantera fan Nathan Gale who happens to be football player wherein she was seen describing him a good guy.

4). Mikhail Lermontov

He was a young artist from Russia who happens to be a forever killed by his own fan. He was killed at the age of 26 and he was a man who was known for a number of things hence he was described as poet, author, painter, and soldier but he remained a prankster and partier.

5).  Albert Ebossé

He was a Cameroonian soccer star known as Albert Ebossé who was reportedly losing his life for the fans after a match over August 23, 2014 in Algeria. As per reports, the 24-year-old striker and thus his JS Kabylie teammates were were seen leaving the field after losing to USM Alger.


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