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5 Bollywood movies that obsessed more over the Antagonist than the Protagonist


We often talk about the lead roles which often positive ones are calling them as the hero in any B Town film. However, there are a few films in Bollywood that has given the negative characters more weightage than the actors in positive role, be it the Aamir Khan character of Dhoom 3 or the recently released film Padmavat who remain the talk of the town with their stellar performances and the plot revolving around them. Let’s check the 5 Bollywood movies that obsessed more over the Antagonist than the Protagonist as under:

SRK in Darr

Remember the character of SRK in the film Darr, yes it had the negative color in it while the positive role in the film played by Sunny Deol seemed overshadowed by the character of King Khan. However, this film proved more beneficial to SRK than Sunny Deol who never worked with any of the Yash Raj films.

SRK in Darr
SRK in Darr

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3

In fact, the Dhoom franchise has flaunted the antagonists more than protagonist. In all the three films, Aamir Khan proved his worth the most giving the best character in the dual roles in the film.

Dhoom 3 First Week Collection

Saif Ali Khan in Omkara

This film has given the National Award for the negative character he has played in the movie. Well, you cannot blame the other actors in the film as the director was able to flaunt the Saif Ali Khan’s character.

Langda Tyagi in Omkara
Langda Tyagi in Omkara

Ranveer Singh in Padmaavat

Though we saw Shahid Kapoor playing the character of the Rajput king, but he seemed to be overshadowed by Ranveer Singh while playing the negative character of Alahuddin Khilji. He was simply incredible with his performance and it will go a long way getting accolades.

Akshay Kumar in Ajnabee

In the Abbas Mastan film called Ajnabee, we found Akshay Kumar doing wonders with his character over the lead role played by Bobby Deol.

Akshay Kumar In Ajnabee
Akshay Kumar In Ajnabee

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