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5 Actresses Played Mother’s character with actors of old age


In any B Town film, we have seen the role of a mother to be the most important one. We remember the dialogue of the film Deewar saying Mere Pass Maa Hai ( I have the mother), which is still remembered in today’s generation. There are many actresses in B Town who have played the characters of a mother. Some suited with their roles but a few did not suit due to the younger age when compared to the lead actors for whom they had played the role of a mother. How about checking the list of 5 Actresses Played Mother’s character with actors of old age as under:

Shefali Shah – Akshay Kumar : She played the role of a mother of Akshay Kumar in their film Waqt – The Race Against Time. In reality they have a age gap of around 5 years. The film had Big B, Priyanka Chopra apart from Akki and Shefali Shah.

Shefali Shah - Akshay Kumar
Shefali Shah – Akshay Kumar

Rakhi Gulzar – Amitabh Bachchan : In the year 1982 we had the film Shakti wherein we saw Rakhi playing the character of Big B’s mother in it. Well not many would know that Rakhi is 5 year younger than Big B.

Rakhi Gulzar - Amitabh Bachchan
Rakhi Gulzar – Amitabh Bachchan

Reema Lagoo – Rishi Kapoor : She has been the typical mother of B Town films. The late actress has been incredible when it comes to playing the role of a mother. She was 36 when she played the role of a mother of Rishi Kapoor who was five years older than him.

Reema Lagoo - Rishi Kapoor
Reema Lagoo – Rishi Kapoor

Himani Shivpuri – Salman Khan : She often plays the role of a mother. She started her career from small screen and has played an important role in making things better for her in the B Town. Once she played the mother of Salman Khan and she remains 5 years younger than the actor.

Himani Shivpuri - Salman Khan
Himani Shivpuri – Salman Khan

Farida Jalal- Anil Kapoor: Not many would know that Farida Jalal is younger than Anil Kapoor. She while playing the role of a mother has been often misled to be older than the actors including Anil Kapoor. But the fact of the matter is she is seven years older than Anil Kapoor.

Farida Jalal- Anil Kapoor
Farida Jalal- Anil Kapoor


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