Will Kangana get her comeback hit with Simran movie?

Simran Movie Poster
Simran Movie Poster

As Kangana gears up for her next release called Simran, she and her film has been making headlines for both the good and bad reasons. Though some controversies about the film but amidst all, both the critics and audience have sung in chorus about the movie.  The fact of the matter is with this film one can expect another exceptional film and performance by the Queen of B Town. In fact, there is no dearth of reasons to catch the film, how about checking them:

Fresh content entertains a lot:

After catching up the teaser, there is no doubt to the fact that the film is complete entertainment with refreshing content. You would be entertained with both the light and comic nature. She can get her comeback with her incredible performance though she had the same in Rangoon but it didn’t work for many other reasons. The film has a Simran which shows her in a different avatar; which is both quirky and playful and of course interesting to watch.

Get a Smile on your face:

If you are dejected or sad make sure you catch this film as you would get the ear to ear grin with it. The film is full of life with happy and living moments in the most careless fashion.

Gripping Movie:

The film is not just quirky and light but has a plot, which can engage you for a longer run till you get the climax. So, no loo breaks, be prepared for that.

Catch Incredible Chemistry:

As we find Sohum Shah in the film one can get to catch a new and fresh chemistry with Kangana. They have united the first time for a silver screen and bet you have something really interesting to catch.

Kangana in wide array of shades:

You can find the queen in different shades and colors, be it with the donning caps to cowboy hats, from her red wigs to the blonde hair. This makes the mystery of the story fresh and alive.

Wrapping up

In a sense, the film is nothing but a worthy catch for the audience for sure. Why not give a chance, bet you will not regret!




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