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Sony TV’s Peshwa Bajirao Shooting Started in Satara


We are back again with a Head Starting News For the Sony TV’s upcoming historical, Peshwa Bajirao, which is being produced by Sphere Origins. The Promo is already running on Sony TV.

The Show Starring Actor Syed Aman Mian Sharma Followed by Anuja Sathe and Manish Wadhwa in Lead Roles. Syed Aman Mian Sharma (aka Miya) is a newcomer debuter who is in notability when he made his way into the show as Ballu Phadke!!

From our sources we got to know that the shooting sequence of the show is taking place in Satara District of Maharashtra, what we can guess is that the show is almost taking every place, character and almost all the actors which was taken in Bajirao Mastani (FILM) as the film was also shot in Wai, Near Satara!

The Show Producer and Invictus T. Media’s CEO Nilanjana Purkayastha Tweeted :  from today’s shoot. Well done, Machlu


Due to the increasing popularity of the Character Ballu Phadke who is being played by Miya, We can guess that Sony TV is thinking big for Syed Aman Mian Sharma, as shooting outdoor for an Actor is a big thing in Television Industry!

Earlier it was said the Miya will play a supporting role called Nasir, but due to the great response Miya entered in a Lead Role as Ballu Phadke

Our Best Luck and wishes to Miya and the rest cast & crew of Peshwa Bajirao!

Till we come back for more here are some glimpse and Pictures of the Sets of Peshwa Bajirao (SATARA)




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