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Reasons to skip watching ‘Golmaal Again’ and ‘Secret Superstar’





Diwali 2017 is all set to watch the clash between three Bollywood biggies, ‘Golmaal Again’, Secret Superstar’ and ‘2.0’. Advait Chandan’s directorial ‘Secret Superstar’ is a relatively niche movie and targets at metro urban multiplex viewers. So, there are less chances this film will face completion from other two releases as people who are interested in watching it will watch it and Aamir Khan’s cameo is enough to allure the movie lovers.

‘Golmaal Again’ by Rohit Shetty is a comic caper full of fun, entertainment and action. So, comedy lovers will see it undoubtedly. Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar starrer ‘2.0’ is loaded with excellent visual effects and thrilling elements. Watching both the stars in never-seen-before look is the prime attraction of this venture.

If we talk about reasons to skip watching ‘Golmaal Again’ and ‘Secret Superstar’ would be something like following.

The very first reason to skip watching ‘Golmaal Again’ is to watch ‘Secret Superstar’ and the reason for not watching ‘Secret Superstar’ is to watch ‘Golmaal Again’.

‘Golmaal’ franchise has always made the audience with lots of fun, but the audience who are in mood of watching something different, can go for ‘Secret Superstar’ or ‘2.0’.

‘Secret Superstar’ is a movie that imparts inspirational message, but those who are in mood of sheer fun can go for ‘Golmaal Again’.

All three films, ‘Golmaal Again’, ‘Secret Superstar’ and ‘2.0’ are great ventures to watch this festive season. However, the audience’s mood and taste this festive season will decide the success of these films at the box-office.




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