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OMG: SRK & and Nawazuddin Siddiqui have been named in a 500 Cr online scam

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As per the latest buzz, the popular actor of B Town SRK and Nawazudin Siddiqui has been named in an online scam. The CBI has started its investigation of the 500 crore Online Ponzi Scam which has been carried out by a Ghaizabad based group called Webwork Trade Links. Both the B Town actors, who seemed to have endorsed its portal Addsbook.com, are now being named in the complaint. As per the media reports, the promoters of the alleged group claimed to have duped the people who used the two actors like brand ambassadors of their shadow company called addsbook.com, the complaint alleged.

As per the complaint, which happens to be now the part of the FIR, the company seems to have opened up a shadow company known as Addsbook Marketing Pvt, which seems to have launched on December 10, 2016, seeking the brand ambassadors “Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shahrukh Khan. We have seen People investing a lot as they were influenced by both celebrities claimed the complaint. However, the actors are not being mentioned as either the accused or suspects by the UP Police, which had probed the matter earlier.

Now we see the allegation that they had collected the money worth Rs 500 crore from around two lakh people. The CBI is now seen active as per the directives of the Allahabad High Court and it has taken over the investigation into the matter and thus re-registered the FIR against Jain and Verma for the alleged cheating and violation case as per the the Information Technology Act.




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