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OMG: Kapil Sharma and Ginny Chatrath had their break up

Kapil Sharma and Ginny Chatrath

We heard a lot about Kapil Sharma being dating his girlfriend called Ginny Chatrath, though his love stories and dating tales were yet to surface we get to hear the news of their separation. Without hearing much about the couple we get to hear such things about the two. The fact of the matter is Kapil Sharma has been making news in the media for all wrong reasons. We see him struggling with his bad health as he has been twice seemed falling down on the TV sets for working excessively. Secondly, he has been making headlines for getting a harsh notice from the Sony TV.

Amidst all this, though he is resuming smoothly from his bad health but now as we hear that his newly started relations with the said lady has come to an end, it can be another blow to his image. In fact, just one year before when he started his relationship he was committed to settle down with her, but now we hear something really the opposite. As per reports, the separation was due to the reason of a female team member found in his show, which was becoming a problem for the lady that has brought forth this problem.

The reports also claim that he simply refuses to hear a single word against the lady. He seems to be very much emotional attached, which means he will not accept that someone so close to him and thus can even betray him and work against all his interests. So, when the rumors linking about Kapil liking his female team member spread like a wild fire across the show and people close to the channel and the show. . So, when the rumors finally when to the ears of his lady love, she was seen taking action against it. However, when the stand-up comedian didn’t act against the lady, she confronted with his man but he remained unmoved which led the differences between the two and finally parting ways as well.




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