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Katrina Kaif Desire : India Tolerant Want to live here all her Life!

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‘I Love My India’ well this statement actually comes from within, being an Indian we know our love and spirit towards nation. People who visit our place from foreign countries love to spend precious moment of their life and if we talk one of them then she’s none other than a former actress and a well performing sexy lady of Bollywood Katrina Kaif. An actress who’ve mounted her strong career in Bollywood fabulously and is currently in a stage who’s often called as one of the loving actress of B town by audience, moreover she’s currently rolling with her stunning talk all over the media, have a look here..

Being a loving Indian she has refused to join the league of her colleagues who feel there is rising intolerance in the country and have straightaway said that ‘India is Very Tolerant and I Want to Live here all My Life’ – As per the sources. She also desire her true feeling towards India as “When I came to India, I felt I came back home. The warmth here can’t be experienced anywhere else. Wan’t to live here all my life,” She added as per our true sources.




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