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Haseena Parkar : 5 Compelling Reasons to Catch the Film

 Haseena Parkar 5 Compelling Reasons to Catch the Film

Haseena Parkar 5 Compelling Reasons to Catch the Film

Come the film Haseena Parkar and you get to catch all together a new Shraddha. The film enjoys a buzz for having Sharaddha Kapoor in an altogether different role. Interestingly it clashes with the comeback movie of Sanjay Dutt called Bhoomi. Nevertheless both the films are two difference genre. When one (HP) is a biopic the other seems to be a typical Sanjay Dutt movie. No wonder, it gives you enough reasons to catch this film, how about catching up the 5 Compelling Reasons to Catch the Film called Haseena Parkar in the following paragraphs:

Shraddha in Never Seen Avatar : Right from playing the innocent, hot and gorgeous girl in Half Girlfriend, we get to see a tough lady in the crime drama called Haseena Parkar. She has played the mother of four a widow who runs her own gang in Nagpada. Fondly called as Appa Jaan, she ensures she does her job with perfection and professionalism. In a sense, we get to see the shadow of Hawala Queen of Bombay whilst catching Shraddha Kapoor in it.

Shraddha in Never Seen Avatar
Shraddha in Never Seen Avatar

Emotional Drama : The film is known for its emotional drama as one can catch the real essence of a brother and sister relationship. You never know, your strained relations with your sister can work well catching up this film.

Shraddha Kapoor Haseena Emotional Drama.jpg
Shraddha Kapoor Haseena Emotional Drama

Unexplored Story : The Shootout at Lokhandwala fame director has touches a story of Haseena who happens to be an unknown face in B Town and in the Indian society. In a sense, with this movie, one can find out who really was Haseena Parkar thus unleashing a life on unknown lady.

haseena Parkar Unexplored Story
haseena Parkar Unexplored Story

Catch the Eighties Era : After Raees you get to catch a film, which is made at the backdrop of eighties age. The old fashioned color TV, the audio cassette and the old age tring-tring phone. There are lot many things to explore, which can make you nostalgic about the it.

Perfection Direction : The film will allow you to catch a perfection film making skills, which will make you simply blown away. You would find the film engaging, compelling and a worthy catch.

Haseena Parkar Movie Perfect Direction
Haseena Parkar Movie Perfect Direction

Wrapping Up

The Film has loads to offer when it comes to the content and other things. A majority of B Town experts feel that it will a unique film to catch this coming weekend. However, the real story will be unleashed only when the film hits the theatre.





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