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This Friday you have four movies clashing, who will the race?

Lastbenchers and Raja Natwarlal

29th August 2014, Friday- the release day of Bollywood movies happens to be a busy day since you have four films releasing the very same day. First comes the Raja Natwarlal, which stars Emran Hashmi, Humaima and Paresh Rawal, the other is Prajakt Rebeloma’s Lastbenchers, the third comes in the form Trip to Bhangarh have main casts as Manish Chaudhary, Suzanna Mukharjee, Vikram Koccher, Poonam Pandey, etc. while the last is Identity Card with main leads as Tia Bajpai, Furqan Merchant, Vipin Sharma, etc. However, all these four movies are very much different to each other, hence it is very much important to vital to ask.

Well, let us start with Prjakt Rebeloma’s movie called Lastbenchers. It has the main cast as Prajakt, Tanvi Lonkar and Sanket. The movie revolves around four college students lag behind in education and later face tough time while facing life. However, with hardwork and commitment they rise up from their conditions. You would find everything, which one would aspire to in any college theme movie. Next, comes Raja Natwarlal starring Emraan Hashmi, Humaima Malik and Paresh Rawal, which has the usual con story being delivered by Embran and needless to say as he is there, you have loads of intimate scenes to catch up in the movie along with the typical masala being enjoyed in any typical Bollywood movie.

Third comes the Trip to Bhangarh starring all new faces in wherein the five friends meet in a college reunion party after two years. They come from different career backgrounds and after having all the fun at the said party they head to a place called Bhangarh a place close to Alwar in Rajasthan. They plan a trip out to this place and discover a number of things along with facing tribulations and turmoil giving your heart breaking climax. Last comes the Identity Card, which is again has novices in the movie, wherein the lead role is of a Delhi based journalist who visits Kashmir and finally lands up to the STF forces. It is all about the history of Kashmir, the differences they have at various fronts, religions and myths, which makes it a niche movie.

Amidst the release of these four films, which are all together different in its nature, content, audience, etc. The question arises, which one is going to beat the other? Well, Raja Natwarlal has an edge in terms of big banner and star value, while all the others are from the novices of B Town, so, it would be an interesting tussle to witness as all the four movies clash together




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