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Avika, Manish’s new fiction drama makes way to Cannes

Avika, Manishs

Last year, Avika Gor & Manish Raisinghan raised quite a few eyeballs making their debut to Cannes & received appreciation for their multiple short films overseas. The terrific duo are making their way to Cannes this year again with their short film, youth fiction drama I, Me, Myself.

Apparently the movie that got selected for screening at Cannes which is very high tech and big that has been made with almost zero budget with crazy filmakimg techniques. Written by Avika Gor and Manish Raisinghan has directed, picturized, edited and also done the VFX for the film. “Its joint work in every department between both of us in every department as always plus a lot of our friends just volunteered to add so much value to the project and make it happen.” They say.

The film ‘I, Me, Myself’ is a 6 minute long youth fiction drama, Manish shares, ‘last year we had decided that we will attempt festivals again specially cannes but till last min we just cpuldnt find the script. Last min avika did the magic as she wrote this amazing monologue which is an expression of a teenage girl & her journey. This is a story about how in today’s world insecurities bring out the worst in a human. It’s a journey of a young mind who overcomes her fears & finds a pathway which brings sunshine to her life.’
Avika adds “the best part about shooting this was the amazing use of VFX techniques by Manish! , it was so much fun to shoot those sequences and see the magic at the editing table!”




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