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5 Mollywood Actors Who Landed in Jail making the industry shame

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The latest buzz about the actor Dileep seems to come like a shocker to several including his ex-wife (Manju Warrier). When film actors who had a number of admirers getting involved in a number of illegal activities, they tend to set a very bad example besides disappointing their countless fans. This brings us to check the list of Mollywood actors who were jailed for a number of reasons as under:
1) Dileep
One of known actors from the south called Dileep arrested after he was found involved in a heinous act to assault and then threaten a leading actress from the Malayalam cinema. He was was seen with charges with criminal conspiracy, rape, kidnapping and wrongful confinement.

Dilip Mollywood Actor
Dilip Mollywood Actor

2) Sangeetha Mohan
She is the Popular TV actress known as Sangeetha Mohan who was caught in a sex scandal and was arrested. She later got another allegation drink and drive case along with the previous allegation as well making a shame to her industry.

Sangeetha Mohan
Sangeetha Mohan

3) Shine Tom Chacko
Shine Tom needs no introduction for giving a number of good movies however the actor was arrested for the possession and use of narcotics. In the year 2015, the police was seen raiding a flat in Kadavanthara wherein they found 10 grams of cocaine and hence was seen arresting four other women.

Shine Tom Chacko
Shine Tom Chacko

4) Sreejith Ravi
This actor is known for his supporting roles and arrested for allegedly misbehaving with minor girls. He was always admired by his fans and others but with this case a FIR was filed and Sreejith was arrested on the charges of exhibitionism.

Sreejith Ravi
Sreejith Ravi

5) Dhanya Mary Varghese
The actress cum model Dhanya Mary Varghese was known to have good number of fans, but she brought disgrace for her fans when she was seen arresting for a fraud of 1.3 billion. She along with her brother Samuel and husband John in her building project Samson Builders promised affordable flats but they all cheated the clients. With a number of police complaints she along with her husband and brother was arrested. So, what do you say about this story and others, do comment.

Dhanya Mary Varghese
Dhanya Mary Varghese



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